GHLA Attorneys Are Here To Help

GHLA attorneys solve legal problems connected to basic human need, including access to education and health care, protection from violence and exploitation, prevention of homelessness, and economic security through employment or essential public benefits. Studies show a high level of need for services in these areas for people living in poverty.

What We Strive To Do

Address the Most Critical Needs of Eligible Clients

Community legal needs exceed our capacity to help. GHLA integrates community perspectives with legal analysis to identify priorities.

Provide High-Quality, Efficient Legal Services

Our lawyers adopt practices and standards that support effective legal representation. We treat clients with dignity and respect. We consider all feasible solutions and remedies. We offer legal information and guidance when we cannot provide representation.

Promote Equality of Access

We provide eligible people with an equal opportunity to obtain service on priority matters.

Maximize the Long-Term Benefits of Program Advocacy

We choose cases and public policy issues that offer long-term systemic benefits to those living in poverty.

Coordinate and Expand Resources to Meet Priority Client Need

We work with attorneys, social services, community groups, and others to provide more priority legal services. We use technology and innovation to increase the number of clients we serve.

Foster Empowerment Through Legal Education and Advocacy

We empower our clients by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to understand their rights and navigate the legal system effectively.